HP Envy Notebook 4 not charging

Could you recommend a PHYSICAL ADDRESS in Iquique who knows how to repair component of han HP Envy notebook.
Our notebook computer has stopped charging (since around 6 days hago), the notebook’s battery is slowly running down (even plugged into power, now just 70% charge left). The notebook will not even start without being plugged in to mains power = it doesn’t run at all on the remaining battery power!

We need somebody who can analyze the problem and possibly has access to HP spare parts (maybe we need to exchange the battery?).

This model was bought in early 2014, it’s my wife’s computer, and she really loves it. It had charging problems before, we bough a second mains charger in Brazil, but then (for a while) everything was fine again with the original charger. Maybe it’s a faulty wiring or component inside the laptop?

Sorry, we speak not enough Spanish to explain this in Spanish…


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